Betonsoft, which is a high-tech product created by embedding the experience and know-how of Guris Industry, can control any concrete plant. During the installation, using/setting the site dependent conf iguration parameters can easily be introduced to the program.


  • Computer supported electronic control system gives an opportunity for preparation of concrete in such a way that full automatic or manually if it is needed.
  • Computer program which can be installed with setup CD easily has multilingual support and user-friendly interface that everyone can use. Illustrated user manual and quick beginning guide makes learning process short and easy.
  • Basic errors which probability occurs in system can be monitored to PC instantly, they are saved by the time of occurrence and they can be deleted after the problem is resolved.
  • Confi rms and alerts are notifi ed by voice, to users. (Selectable Languages: Turkish, English and Russian)
  • There is a manual/automatic switch which allows activating mixer discharging valve, even the plant operates in automatic mode. To prevent overfl ow and splash, mixer discharging valve is opened step by step.
  • Considering the moisture, water and aggregate ratio adjusted automatically (If there is a moisture probe). Also there is no probe; moisture can be entered to the program manually.
  • Program allows for reporting produced and consumed raw, listing records and getting waybills.
  • There is no limit to record recipe, customer, site, truckmixer and driver.
  • In case of defi cient material fl ow, vibration performed to aggregates, air shocked performed to cements.
  • In one period aggregate weighing, opening and closing time of valves are shorter. System makes these movements faster. That allows for sensitive measuring.
  • Measuring, mixing and discharge parameters can be entered one by one for every recipe. That allows producing concrete which has specifi c parameters.
  • In power failure situation, production switched to standby mode. When the power is on, system gives opportunity to resume the production.
  • Authorizations relating to reading, record, deletion, changing operations can be defi ned one by one for diff erent users. All of these events are recorded by the program.
  • After discharging, system washes the additive bunker by spraying water (optional).
  • With remote support, operations like troubleshooting, installing program, including waybill-report updates, can be done with using internet.
  • System can be controlled in 4 diff erent ways:
    Full automatic control with PC, full automatic control with operator panel, manual control from PC (using mouse), manual control from the operator panel (using buttons).
  • Manually weighing which is made on PC or panel, is saved with date, time and user information. When the automatically production is cancelled on any stage, so far the scaling amounts are added to the manual amounts. When the manual recipes are printed, the amounts of recipe are recorded by deducted from manual scaling.
  • There are 8 aggregates, 6 cements, 3 waters and 6 additives on the system, as well as the system features multi-material support such as ash, paint and ice.
  • The system uses Microsoft SQL database. Microsoft SQL, secure data storage, backup, easy access with the advantages of integration and fl exible reporting, preferred by much software. More plants can use a common database server.
  • The records appear to be unused and unwanted in the list can be deactivated by using archiving function. So the complex process of making lists and the user chooses the wrong registration problems are eliminated. Records required to be taken from the archive can be activated again.
  • Order lists and reports can easily be transferred to hard disk, external memory or anywhere on the network in several formats, including Excel.
  • After starting of production, amounts of production can be changed. It is possible to command “production end” during the active cycle.
  • Before starting of production or during the production, amounts of materials on order records can be changed. These changes can be made within the limits set by the authorized person.
  • When the production or return the product needs to be shipped to diff erent places, the necessary correction on the waybill, split or merge operations can be performed.
  • At the end of the production or the beginning of production, diff erent forms of recipes can be printed by two diff erent printers.
  • In addition, the waybill number can be changed on the waybill confi rmation screen that is displayed as an option.
  • With easy waybill design feature, waybill is placed in the background of the design screen with scanner so it can be edited with the mouse according to the background. Similarly, it is possible to design the report by choosing area and removing area with mouse.
  • Available as standard shipping, sales, inventory, wasted material and manual weighing as well as reports “produced / sold / damaged / repeated” sale information is created that contains the end of day summary. This summary with optional modules can be sent to authority of company as SMS and E-mail.
  • Required pictures can be used as a background on the production screen. Again, company name or logo can be replaced on the production screen by the users.
  • With logout feature, locking program and user switching operations can be performed without exiting program.
  • The menu icon is displayed in the windows task bar, shows situation of production and the quick access menu.
  • The screens used often can be accessed by clicking the relevant icons in the production screen. In addition, moisture, time and weight parameters of raw materials can be easily reached with the mouse.
  • If there is a defective switch, the switch can be disabled for not stopping production, switch can be activated again removal of the problem.
  • After the weighing, tolerance control is made for each material. The users can resume production or provide to complete missing amount automatically. Also fl ow control is made for all materials. If insuffi cient fl ow is detected the user is warned, that weighing can be skipped by using “weighing skip” option. This is optional features.
  • Cubic meters and weighing the values of each cycle can be displayed in the table, saved and sent to the printer if desired.


Monitoring module

Reporting, authorization, parameters changes can be made from any computer which is connected to local network, without aff ecting the production computer. Production screen can be watched online.

SMS and E-mail module

One of the advantages of the new version is information feature with SMS (short message). When the production is completed and truckmixer leaves from the worksite, an information message is sent to worksite authority. When starting of ordering, starting of production or completed of order, this function can be used when and to whom it is desired.

The information sent via SMS, can be sent via E-mail. Important warnings and faults can be sent to authorized personnel via SMS and E-mail too. When changes are made to recipes or deleted production, the person concerned is informed immediately.

Web monitoring module

When entering www.betonum.com address from PC, mobile phone, iPad or android tablets, production and orders can be displayed in report format. Vendors and customer can reach that “how much delivered, status of order” information without by phone or asking. They can learn them from internet instantly.

Accounting Software Integration

Current, waybill, raw materials, recipe, order and current risk control information can be integrated with much ERP/ accounting software. Moreover, all these properties can be obtained must be taken not only of what is needed.

Quality Contol Module

Laboratory sample data for productions; concrete temperature, consistency, air temperature, the resistance value can be entered by days. The reports of these data can be taken.

Vehicle Management

Truckmixers round-trip can be followed. If vehicle could not return in specifi ed period, program gives a warning message. Arrival time to the site, starting and ending times of the delivery can be entered to the computer. If return time of vehicle is not entered, related truckmixer cannot be selected for production.

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