HTG 51C115DS

All of the Robit® button bits are manufactured of new 100% recyclable steel. In the environmentally friendly steel production process the CO² emissions have been reduced 80% and 95% of the waste is recycled including the process smoke which is filtered. The new steel grade gives even more uniform properties and improved fatigue strength which is crucial in rock drilling process. Designed for particular applications from soft rock formations to extremely hard conditions.

• A, AR – medium and hard rock model
• B, BR – hard + abrasive rock model
• DS, DSR – drop center model for straighter holes
• M – soft and medium hard rock model
• S, SR – all around model

Thread C51
Diameter (mm) 115
Diameter (in) 4½”
Gauge (∡) 35°
Buttons (center) (No.) (mm) 7 x 14
Buttons (gauge) (No.) (mm) 10 x 14
Flushing (center) (No.) 3
Flushing (gauge) (No.) -
Product number (SuperDome) 01-251-115-2160
Product number (Ballistic) 01-251-115-2161
Weight (kg) 6,0
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