We accept our human resources as not only the most important resource of our company but also as our core asset managing all our resources. Aware of the fact that our success and customer satisfaction depends on the motivation of our employees, we determined our human resources mission as "to create motivated, leader employees in order to increase customer satisfaction”.

For this purpose, we wish to set the peak as our basis, not as our target with individuals:

  • Who will prioritize the image of Güriş and the needs of its shareholders with the work that they will perform,
  • Who will be aware of their responsibilities and take initiative when necessary,
  • Who will work with perfect cooperation and team spirit,
  • Aiming world standards at each level and for every detail with an approach of high quality for each project that we implemented or we will implement,
  • Who will share their existing knowledge and experiences with their colleagues and show the necessary sensibility required to conform to the policies..
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