M-Sense Cable

Do you know where the end is of the holes you drill? You do now, with Robit’s new measuring tool, The Robit® Sense Systems – ‘M’ Series, a complementary product for Robit’s measurement technology offering. Measuring is now easier and faster than ever. Measurement can be done right after drilling a hole. You can see a 3D view of the drilled hole in the drilling pattern immediately in the field through a tablet computer and anywhere through Sense Systems cloud service.

When drilling holes in rock, the holes often turn away from the desired direction, and in long holes the deviation may be even several meters. Hole deviation results in inefficient operations on a site and in the worst case may create hazards. The new system measures the actual straightness of drill holes, so the information can be utilized in optimizing and charging a rock face.

As the results are visible immediately after measuring, it is possible to react to any hole deviation when positioning and directing the following holes or when charging the holes. Since the system utilizes accelerometers, gyroscopes and/or compass technology, it can be used in all types of rock formations – even in magnetic ore.

Optimizing charging raises efficiency in blasting by:

Optimizing crushing aggregates through controlled charging and blasting, no oversized boulders
Ensuring safe blasting without the risk of flying rocks
Increasing the overall productivity of the blasting and crushing process
Cutting costs for explosives and reducing downtime
Storing all drilling data in a database to develop your drilling process
Raising overall efficiency

Technical facts:

Basic configuration of the measuring tool comprises a measuring module embedded in an aluminum probe, 30 meters cable with one meter markings designed for extreme conditions and a rugged tablet computer with user interface.
100 meters cable available as an accessory.
The technology which utilizes high accuracy accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses also makes it possible to measure in magnetic ore.
The accuracy is ±0,5° for inclination and ±1° for azimuth, when used in accordance with Manual Guidelines.
The diameter of the probe is 38mm.
Easy and quick on-site calibration of the compass with graphical guidance,
recommended yearly calibration at Robit factory.

Weight88,9 g/m
Length30 m (standard package)
ConnectorUSB, Ethernet
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