RoX+ 88,9/4

Single-use system for top hammer

Robit® Single Casing Systems are available for traditional top hammer machinery.

Typically Robit® Single-Use system for Top Hammer is used in applications with relatively short hole requirement and where the casing is left in the ground.

RoX+ 88,9/4
Casing OD (mm)88,9
Casing OD (in)3 ½
Casing Max Wall (mm)4
Casing Max Wall (in)0.157
Ring bit ID (mm)71
Ring bit ID (in)2.795
Ring bit OD (mm)99
Ring bit OD (in)3.898
Pilot bit OD (mm)80
Pilot bit OD (in)3.150
Product number02-238-088-0022
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