We became not only the pride of Güriş family but also of our country by representing our company with success at Bauma 2010, the 29th International Construction Machinery, Construction Machinery Materials, Mining and Construction Machinery, Construction Tools and Construction Equipment held in Munich between April 19 and 25, 2010.

Güriş, who participated to BAUMA 2010 Fair also called as an industrial Olympics, revealed that is a world giant with its technology and experience and how it is successful in its competition with other world brands.

The BAUMA 2010 Fair being held once in three years was held in Munich between April 19 and 25. More than 3 thousand companies from more than 200 countries participated to the fair. It was visited by approximately 350 – 400 thousand visitors from various countries of the world. Bauma 2010 is deemed as the biggest fair of the world in many aspects.

Technologically most developed and superior quality companies take their places at BAUMA 2010 Fair. The requirements to participate to BAUMA Fairs which each of them is deemed as a world giant are severe. In order to participate to BAUMA Fairs to where all requesters may not participate, all products intended for exhibition should be patented, certified and uniquely designed.

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