Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

They provide practical and effective solutions to enterprises and make it possible for resources to be used correctly with maximum efficiency and to transform time into profit. They are produced in conformity with international standards. They provide strong alternatives for meeting different needs of enterprises.

While they save time and costs for maintenance and production with the help of the fully automatic automation systems, they provide an opportunity for uninterrupted and fast production.

All after sales services are under the guarantee of GURIS INDUSTRY with all its international dimension.

It is possible to easily reach maximum efficiency with the GURIS Stationary Concrete Mixing Plants, providing practical and effective solutions to meet needs at all levels. Furthermore, by providing an opportunity for correctly using the resources of the enterprise, it also saves time and transforms them into profits.

They have been developed in conformity with international standards (DIN norms) in a manner that will function under hard working and climate conditions. In this manner, it is able to provide uninterrupted production solutions by working on a 7/24 basis without making concessions from quality of production.

They have become high quality alternatives of production for enterprises in all parts of the world thanks to very easy and practical means of installation by saving from purchasing costs.

The fully automated automation system facilitates operator management as well as the follow up and control of the production process and eliminates possible faults of use and production. In this manner, it saves time and cost for maintenance and production and also provides the opportunity to provide uninterrupted and fast production possibilities.

All after sales services are under the guarantee of GURIS INDUSTRY with its international dimension and our speed and quality for spare parts and service has been certified.

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