The Cingo M8.3TD EVO is a particularly handy and resistant vehicle in all working conditions, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission with gear motors and the engine power.
This machine is ideal for intensive applications in confined spaces and, in particular, also for rental activities.


  • Everything at your fingertips

    This professional transporter's hydraulic transmission with gear motors guarantees maximum torque transmission. The strong rubber tracks exert low specific pressure on the ground.

  • The platform's shock-absorbing system reduces the vibrations transmitted to the operator, while the large support surface of the same platform further enhances driving comfort.

  • Not just feelings

    The dynamic braking of the automatic parking brake, integrated in the gear motors, guarantees a lower stopping distance and maximum safety.

  • Simpler and smarter

    This versatile tracked tool carrier has been specially designed for viticultural and agricultural use in general, but the variable track and the option of equipping the base truck with any specific attachment make this machine a truly universal vehicle. The base chassis is equipped with a solid fitting prearrangement, which allows for simple application of all the attachments. The hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement axial piston pumps reduces fuel consumption.

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