The DBM truck mixers have always shown their ability to adapt; their construction concept and exclusive technical features have enhanced the use of the DBM range in the most varied and demanding working conditions.
Now the renewed DBM truck mixers are presented with a new engine in line with Tier 4 emission standards while simultaneously maintaining their distinctive characteristics such as structural solidity, ease of use and efficiency in terms of productivity, manoeuvrability and reduced consumption.


  • An ideal work station

    The Cab:
    The spacious cab, built with double controls and equipped with a seat that can rotate up to 180°, allows the vehicle to be driven comfortably and effectively both on the road and on the construction site, during the loading of materials and the laying of concrete.

    Ease of use and ergonomics:
    These are the keywords according to which the machine control system was developed.
    The extremely versatile water draught system allows you to operate with a reserve of 950 litres, stored in the machine's tanks or in an external source.
    The two-way travel direction facilitates the material loading phases; the adjustable and tiltable drum and the 360° discharge of concrete around the machine guarantee maximum practicality.

  • The ideal combination

    Thanks to the electronic weighing of each component (available as an option), the exclusive mixing system of the double-helix Merlo drum, the high ratio between the barrel volume and the concrete yield, it is possible to achieve an ideal and high-quality mixture.

  • A real work site

    The DBM is designed to operate in total autonomy even in the most hostile environments. The self-loading bucket allows the handling of up to 700 litres of aggregates at each load cycle; the pump introduces up to 250 litres of water per minute into the mixing drum, allowing up to 3.5 m² of concrete to be made in less than 15 minutes.

  • Agile and powerful

    The real off-road machine:
    The portal axles (that increase ground clearance), the 100 HP engines (Tier 4 Final-compliant for emissions), hydrostatic transmission with 4-wheel drive and 4 steering wheels make the DBM a true off-road machine capable of delivering high torque to the wheels, allowing manoeuvres to be performed easily in any situation.

    Adaptability is the key word that has always characterised this product family.
    DBM machines adopt high quality components and metal sheet thickness, which are important for maximising durability and reliability, making the product indestructible. The mixing drum is made of highly wear-resistant steel.

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