Belen WPP 30 MWe (3 MWe x 10 turbines) which its construction and investment are performed by Güriş has started power production.

BELEN Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. was founded on 22.07.2002 for the purpose of erecting power production plant erection, commissioning, power production and sale to clients.

Production license was obtained on 09.11.2006 for the BELEN WIND POWER PLANT, which is amongst the projects of Belen Elektrik Üretim A.Ş..

The purpose of the project is to make contribution to power need increasing day by day, by supplying clean power production from renewable sources. This project is 100% environment friendly and no emission hazardous for the environment or human health exists in the project. It has no adverse effect on the water and soil quality and flora and fauna population living in the region.

It is estimated that the project would save our world from 60,250 tonnes of CO2 emission annually hazardous to ecology when compared with conventional power plants.

In addition, the project will reduce addiction to external sources in power demand by supporting domestic source use in power production while providing job facilities to habitants of the region. In these terms, it is a sample project in itself.

The Belen Wind Power Plant project is located at Halil Bey District affiliated to Belen Town of Hatay. The construction of wind turbines and service roads was started in August 2008. Electrical and mechanical assembly works were started in June 2009. It total capacity is 30mW. The annual power production was calculated as 94,900,900 kWh; the plant was connected to interconnected system on Iskenderun – Hatay line with approximately 1 km and 154 kV power transmission line and reached to a level to feed national power network.

154 kV ENH assembly for which Connection Agreement was concluded with TEIAS on 28.01.2008 and provisional acceptance was made on 12.08.2009. 154 kV BELEN Switch TM assembly was completed and provisional acceptance was made on 08.08.2009; and power was acquired from the system interconnected to Shift plants. The provisional acceptance of initial 5 turbines, for which assembly and commissioning works have been completed by VESTAS, was made on 02.10.2009 by the committee formed by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the plant was commissioned for commercial operation. The assembly and commissioning works of the other 5 wind turbines were completed, provisional acceptance of units were made on 23.10.2009 and commissioned for commercial operation.

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