We, as Güriş İş Makinaları Endüstri A.Ş. being a pioneer corporation in construction machinery sector, are performing follow-up and reporting of manufacturing processes efficiently along with the SAP project adopted while Elsys is the consultant and so that accelerating in decision making process.

We renewed our corporate infrastructure and achieved corporate discipline by strengthening integration process between departments through SAP ERP project being conducted while Elsys is the solution partner. We, as Güriş Endüstri, achieved significant increases in client satisfaction rates with this project empowering competitiveness.

We, as Güriş Endüstri, not only achieved empowering the integration of corporate processes but also ensured disciplining corporate affairs between our 180 employees within the scope of the project where accelerated SAP methodology is applied called as ASAP. We also allowed our corporation to perform efficient cost check at the same through the project.

The SAP project was also applied to OMTAŞ operated in steel forged part manufacturing as affiliated to Güriş Holding with success while Elsys was the consultant and OMTAŞ became the corporation operating first SAP project in Turkish forging industry. As this project has contributions to OMTAŞ such as speed in communication with main industries, satisfaction in client affairs and productivity in business processes, achieving same success in Güriş Endüstri SAP ERP project and our corporation’s becoming pioneer in the sector as in many other fields made us content in a highly fashion.

We are desirous to take steps being appropriate with our unconditional client satisfaction motto and to continue being the address of quality and trust in all fields we operate by creating difference in the sector which are our principal aims.

Very truly yours…

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