A light-duty tool carrier specifically built as a multi-purpose vehicle for municipal and light forestry work where a machine that can work all year round is required.

The cab is mounted on the left side, providing excellent visibility over the work area.

The chassis, with a protective reinforcement over the lower part, is designed for heavy-duty jobs.

It is the technological response that municipalities, local authorities and contractors have been waiting for: it sums up the operational advantages of a wheeled tractor, a light mobile crane and a tool-carrier platform for road and embankment cleaning, plant pruning, snow clearing and railway maintenance.

Unmatched versatility made possible by the wide range of attachments that complete its profile.


  • Simpler and smarter

    The Merlo MCVTronic continuously variable transmission system guarantees maximum efficiency at the highest speeds.
    The electronic transmission control manages the transition from the "maximum torque" mode to the "maximum efficiency" mode, in response to the user's needs and the operating conditions. The transition takes place in a smooth and continuous manner, ensuring maximum movement uniformity and precision, superior driving comfort, uninterrupted torque transmission and a greater ability to work at reduced speeds for higher performance. Once the desired speed is reached, the diesel engine's rotation speed is reduced, with considerable fuel savings.

    Simple and precise operations:
    The entire range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise. Moreover, the dry disc brakes limit the absorption of energy, thereby reducing the machine’s fuel consumption.

  • Il migliore posto di lavoro

    Il posto guida è realizzato in posizione elevata per offrire una migliore visibilità sull'area di lavoro. Il sedile di alta qualità offre un comfort di livello superiore.

    Comfort esclusivo / La cabina più comfortevole

    Questo modello è dotato dell’esclusiva Cabina Ammortizzata CS brevettata Merlo con sospensione idropneumatica attiva disinseribile direttamente dall'operatore. Il sistema a bassa frequenza permette la drastica riduzione delle vibrazionie all'interno dell'abitacolo e agevola l'assorbimento delle sollecitazioni e vibrazioni trasmesse nelle fasi di trasferimento e lavoro anche su terreni sconnessi.

  • Not just feelings

    The steel structure of the tool-carrying tractors is the indestructible frame on which a highly technological work system is built. The chassis, reinforced with a high-resistance protective reinforcement over the most exposed areas, amplifies the concept of rigidity and strength, thanks to the exclusive torsion-resistant design: the result is a range of particularly efficient and sturdy machines for all applications, especially the most demanding ones.

    Certified cabs / Certified protection - Anti-break glass

    The Merlo cab is FOPS - Level II - and ROPS certified with approved anti-break glass to guarantee a high level of safety for the operator.

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